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Take time to learn more about laminate flooring

If you've never experienced laminate flooring, now is a great time to learn more about it. These floors offer tremendous visual appeal and outstanding durability. But they also provide an excellent lifespan with an affordable price tag.

Taking the time to learn about the benefits is a great way to find the perfect flooring. First, compare them to your list of requirements to see if they're a good match. Then you can visit us to see it in person.

Laminate flooring offers gorgeous visual options

This flooring line offers options that provide the perfect match for your decor. For example, when choosing laminate, you'll find products that mimic real wood and natural stone. In addition, the textures and colors that come with it add more realism to these fantastic materials.

Laminate flooring offers many different trends that could give you a look you want and need. For example, textured finishes, including Embossed in Register, are trendy. Be sure to consider all the trending choices that could meet your decor matching needs.

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If you need durable flooring, you're in the right place

Durability is high on the list for every homeowner, and these floors offer plenty of that. You'll get excellent wear resistance when choosing options in laminate wood flooring. But you'll also enjoy water-resistant features.

As you plan for your durable surfaces, share your in-house traffic levels. Of course, we have perfect options to meet your needs if you have pets or children. But we offer something for everyone, so you never pay for what you don't need.

The ease of laminate installation

Laminate flooring offers some of the most straightforward installation processes of all. Floating floors click and lock together so we can install them in a day or less. As a result, you can walk on your new laminate floors sooner, with outstanding results.
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We have the laminate flooring you need

At PWF Floors & Decor, Inc, we cater to your flooring needs no matter what size remodel you have in mind. We have experience in every product we sell and help you create outstanding results. So, share your vision for your flooring, and let us take care of the rest.

When you're ready to choose laminate flooring, visit our showroom at 104 Ave NW or Roper Road NW in Edmonton, AB. We are proud to serve residents from Edmonton, AB, Sherwood Park, AB, St. Albert, AB, Spruce Grove, AB, and Fort Saskatchewan, AB. And we look forward to helping you choose your flooring as well.