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Have you considered carpet flooring?

When you need the best flooring, you might find carpet to fit the description best. You'll get a fantastic visual, outstanding durability, and a reasonable lifespan. There are plenty of options for various needs, so you're sure to find the best flooring.

If you've never experienced carpeting, now is a great time to learn more. You'll find some benefits you've always known about, and some will be new. But once you know, you'll have the confidence to shop this line easily.

A beauty you can believe in

Carpet floors offer stunning solid colors, patterns, designs, and fiber types. And you can use an excellent carpet installation to cater to any decor. In fibers alone, there are extensive visuals that you can build on.

If you're looking for something specific, consider current trends. From neutral to bold, there's something for everyone, including multi-color trend options. And once you find one you love, you may never return to anything else.

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Did you know how durable carpet is?

If you need durability, you no longer have to steer clear of this flooring line. Manufacturers are now offering built-in stain and odor protection. So, if you're a parent or pet owner, this carpet option will change everything about your flooring.

Along with increased durability comes increased lifespan. And with the suitable options, these surfaces could serve you for up to 25 years or more. Professional installation ensures the best results, so find out more.

The carpet installation service is the most important

Our technicians have the training, experience, and up-to-date equipment for any task. They've installed lots of carpet floors with outstanding results already.

Once you choose your carpet, we'll tell you everything you can expect. We'll also offer an estimate of both time and budget. And if you have any questions, this is a great time to ask.
Luxury carpet in Edmonton, AB from PWF Floors & Decor, Inc

Choose our carpet store in Edmonton, AB

PWF Floors & Decor, Inc is a carpet store in Edmonton, AB, that caters to your flooring needs. Our inventory is filled with valuable materials, and our associates will help you browse it. We're here to ensure you find the best materials and match them with excellent services.

If you're ready to choose a carpet floor, visit our showroom at 104 Ave NW or Roper Road NW in Edmonton, AB. We're proud to serve communities like Edmonton, AB, Sherwood Park, AB, St. Albert, AB, Spruce Grove, AB, and Fort Saskatchewan, AB. We look forward to helping you find the perfect floors.